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EGX is committed to educating the public about the fundamentals of capital markets in general, including investment in stocks, bonds and mutual funds; why companies list on EGX; corporate governance; how to choose a broker and others.

Whether it is to save for retirement, to fund a college education, to supplement your current income, or just for learning more about investment; the key to successful investing is to be well-educated so you can make better choices. And that is what educational brochures is all about - understanding the investment basics so you get started today.

 Investor’s Guide (2010)
 Bonds Basics (2010)
 A Guide to Mutual Funds (2010)
  Brokers Basics (2010)
  Margin Trading (2010)
  Money Laundering (2010)
 Asset Backed Securities (2010)
  Intra Day Trading (2010)
  Online Trading (2010)
 Exchange Traded Funds (2010)
  Guiding Information about Rights Issue
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