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For any company to be listed on EGX, the issuer company must file an application with the Listing Department at EGX. The listing department at EGX studies the application thoroughly, afterwards it presents it to the Listing Committee of EGX for final approval of listing.

The following conditions are a must for listing on EGX:
  • All listed securities must be dematerialized and their capital fully paid prior to listing on EGX.
  • The company’s by-laws & the issuing terms should not include any restrictions on the trading of the securities to be listed.
  • Listing should be made for all the issued securities and any subsequent issues must be listed within three months from the date of registry at the Commercial Registry.
  • To list on EGX, the issuer must sign an agreement with the Exchange whereby the issuer agrees to abide to the listing rules and ongoing obligations of EGX.
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