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EGX Holds a Series of Workshops with Mutual Funds to Stimulate Trading Volume
Cairo on 8 April 2013
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) started its series of planed workshops for investment banks and financial institutions managers operating in the market.  Aim of the workshops is to activate more efficient communication channels between the market parties and listed companies to discuss the latest developments and current market variables.  Through this workshop, investor relations officials of the listed companies displayed their work plans and the several investment options for the market participants.
From his part, Dr. Mohammed Omran, EGX Chairman ensured that EGX is keen to increase the market liquidity by organizing this kind of meetings to raise awareness about the different market products and to highlight the rest of listed companies which could have good investment opportunities.   This would consequently be reflected positively on the market liquidity.

In another context, the financial institutions managers participating in the meeting praised this mean of communication with listed companies.  They pointed out that it would significantly activate trading.  Moreover, it adds to the disclosure system provided by EGX as these meetings allow listed companies' officials to answer the decision makers questions within a legal framework.  This communication is of high priority in the current stage witnessed by the Egyptian economy which requires sincere efforts from the market parties to maintain strong and active capital market on the short and medium term.
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