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EGX Finalizes The First Stage Of The Board Members Elections
EGX finalized yesterday, Thursday the results of the first phase of the EGX Board of Directors’ elections, which was contested on the seats of the brokerage firms. There were 7 were contestants representing the brokerage firms. The results of the elections on the three seats resulted in the success of Ahmed Abu El Saad for brokerage firms seat after concluding 213 votes, Ehab Saeed and Shukt Al Maraghi for brokerage companies after concluding 146 and 134 votes respectively. From his side, Dr. Mohamed Omran, EGX Chairman, congratulated the three seats’ winners. EGX Chairman also thanked the members of the old BOD.

It is worth mentioning that the opening of the candidacy for the seats of listed companies, the second and final stage of the elections of the Board of Directors is on Thursday, June 29, 2017, while the elections and the voting process will be on 24 July, 2017.
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