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EGX Chairman Participates In “Egypt Can” Conference
Dr. Mohamed Omran, EGX Chairman participated in the second session of the "Egypt Can" Conference, the session was held under the title "Egyptian Economy... Challenges and Solutions". The conference was attended by the Ministers of Social Solidarity and Migration, as well as a group of Egyptian businesswomen abroad.

During his speech, Dr. Omran assured that the capital markets have an important role in supporting the national economy, pointing out that EGX is well reflected by the efficiency of the economic measures and reforms adopted by the government recently. He also noted that the trading figures and market performance translated this interaction, especially for foreign investors, as their dealings turned into the highest net purchase compared to their figures during the same period last year. In the same context, Dr. Omran declared that the main market index also reflected the improvement in the appetite of local and foreign investors, as it reached its highest level ever since its launching, as its gains outperformed the other emerging markets listed in Morgan Stanley Market Indices.

In a separate context, Dr. Omran said that the  investment, insurance and pensions funds are one of the main pillars supporting the capital markets because of their nature and long-term investment policy, hoping to exceed their current rates which are only 1% of the total insurance investments. In spite of the good returns achieved by those investments through the capital market platform, he pointed out that, the rates are still low compared to this type of investment in Gulf markets, where they reach about 13% of the total investments of the insurance and pensions funds, while during some periods the global percentage reaches 40%.

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