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Minister Of Investment & International Cooperation Discusses With EGX Chairman The Plan For Development Of New Financial Mechanisms & Tools
Dr. Sahar Nasr: Protect small investors and minority rights in the stock market is a priority

Mohamed Farid: Cooperation with associations working in the stock market to reach growth plan

H.E. Dr. Sahar Nasr met with Mr. Mohamed Farid, chairman of EGX in the ministry’s headquarters in Salah Salem. Both sides discussed developing of a working plan for the Egyptian Exchange to contribute to improving the Egyptian economy. The Minister stated that the Ministry puts great importance to developing the Egyptian Exchange and update its system under the economic reform program.  She called on the chairman of the stock exchange to draft a sophisticated and collateral plan for the Egyptian capital market, enabling it to play its role as a regional financial center positioning Egypt as the financial hub of the region.

Mr. Mohamed Farid, EGX Chairman, stated that the stock exchange will work on providing funds for the growth of entities, deepening the securities market through the introduction of new financial instruments and mechanisms.  Besides developing listing program and expand the base of corporate ownership allowing various investment tools to investor.  EGX will cooperate with businessmen associations to cooperate in the development of the Egyptian Stock Market.

Minister of Investment & International Relations urged EGX chairman to support small and medium enterprises sector.  She noted that this will give a big boost to the Egyptian economy, and increased support for small and medium-sized enterprises so that there is a greater role for these projects in the Egyptian Economy.
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