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EGX Occasional Papers, sponsored by the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) , is a series of brief scholarly monographs that represent a sample of the interesting and diverse research taking place in global, as well as regional, economic and finance circles. These monographs are written by members of EGX as well as by other economists, financial economists, practitioners and academicians, and are published by EGX. They are in turn addressed to practitioners, academicians, as well as policy makers, and constitute an important prepublication outlet for disseminating research-in-progress and promoting constructive debate.

The mission of EGX Occasional Papers is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners, from multiple disciplines, to disseminate information on financial and economic issues. The Occasional Papers are directed at mapping out contemporary changes and developments in the financial markets, and is devoted to publication of original scholarly research in investment and portfolio management, capital markets and institutions, corporate finance and corporate governance.

Papers accepted for publication will be subject to referring by well established figures, regionally and internationally, in the economic and finance fields.

 Guide for Authors
1. On the Relationship Between Trading Volume and Stock Price Volatility in EGX
2. Go Long or Short in Pyramids? News from the Egyptian Stock Market
3. Access to Finance for SMEs through the Stock Exchange in Egypt: Conceptual Framework and Policy Implications
4. Market Liquidity & Stock Size Premia in Emerging Financial Markets:
The Implications for Foreign Investment
5. On the Linkage between Monetary Policy and MENA Stock Market?
6. Liquidity Estimation in African Emerging Markets

Research Papers Prepared by EGX Staff
1. Global Stock Market Reactions to Scheduled U.S. Macroeconomic News Announcements
2. Stock Returns and Volatility Following The September 11 Attacks: Evidence from 53 Equity Markets
3. The Performance of Newly Privatized Firms in Selected MENA Countries: The Role of Ownership Structure, Governance and Liberalization Policies
4. Privatization, State Ownership, and Bank Performance in Egypt
5. What Are The Risks When Investing in Thin Emerging Equity Markets: Evidence from The Arab World
6. Accounting Information, Value Relevance and Investors’ Behavior in The Egyptian Equity Market
7. Global Stock Market Reactions to Scheduled U.S. Macroeconomic News Announcements
8. Investment and The Stock Market: Evidence from Arab Firm-Level Panel Data
9. Financial Development, Structure and Economic Growth: The Case of Egypt, 1974–2002
10. Underpricing and Long-Run Performance of Share Issue privatization in The Egyptian stock Market
11. Company Mission Statements and Financial Performance
12. Performance Consequences of Privatizing Egyptian State-Owned Enterprises: The Effect of Post-Privatization Ownership Structure on Firm Performance
13. The Determinants of the Cost of Capital by Industry within an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Egypt
14. The Performance of State-owned Enterprises and Newly Privatized Firms: Does Privatization Really Matter?
15. Linear Versus Non-linear Relationships Between Financial Ratios and Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from Egyptian Firms
16. Dividend Policy, Trading Characteristics and Share Prices: Empirical Evidence from Egyptian Firms
17. Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from The Arab Countries
18. On Risk and Return in MENA Capital Markets
19. Does The Inflation Rate Affect The Performance of The Stock Market? The Case of Egypt
20. Stochastic Trends and Stock Prices in Emerging Markets: The Case of Middle East and North Africa Region
21. The impact of globalization on capital markets: the Egyptian case
22. Corporate Governance is a Global Pursuit: What could be done in Egypt?
23. World Stock Exchanges are integrating/consolidating/merging: what could be done by Arab Exchanges?
24. Does ownership structure affect firm value? Evidence from the Egyptian Stock Market
25. Privatization Status and Performance of Privatized Companies in Egypt

Research Papers Prepared by Professionals & Academicians
1. The Performance of the Egyptian Stock Market
2. The Development of the Bond Market in Egypt
3. Monetary Policy and its Impact on the Stock Market: the Egyptian Case
4. The Egyptian Stock Market: Efficiency Tests and Volatility Effects
5. Foreign Portfolio Equity Investment in Egypt: An Analytical Overview
6. Integrating Emerging Market Countries into the Global Financial System: Regulatory Infrastructure Covering Financial Markets
7. Demutualization and Corporate Governance of Stock Exchanges
8. Stock Market Development: Role of Securities Firms and New Products
9. The Future of Stock Exchanges in Emerging Economies: Evolution and Prospects
10. Electronic Finance: Reshaping the Financial Landscape around the World
11. Issues Paper on Exchange Demutualization
12. On the Competition between ECNs, Stock Markets and Market Makers
13. The Future of European Stock Markets

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