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Arbitration Rules

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) set the arbitration rules to settle capital market’s disputes, which comes in line with the rules issued by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law International Rules (UNCITRAL) and their amendments.

Arbitration Rules for the Settlemets of Capital Market's Disputes (in Arabic)... click here 

Arbitrators & Experts Submission in accordance with EGX Arbitration Rules (in Arabic)... click here 

Decree No. (53) for the Year 2015 Regarding Arbitrators List  (in Arabic)... click here 

Decree No. (54) for the Year 2015 Regarding Experts List (in Arabic)... click here

The Announcement for Arbitrators & Experts Submission (in Arabic)... click here 

Arbitrators' Application (in Arabic)... click here

Experts' Application (in Arabic)... click here