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In a world filled with political and economic challenges, capital markets have been playing an increasingly important role in supporting social and economic development plans through financing companies to expand and grow, together with promoting transparency, integrity and corporate governance, in addition to indorsing sustainability principles and application.

Having an active efficient market is a requisite for any emerging market that wants to compete and dominate an important place on the investment map, that is why we have absolute faith in the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and its role in supporting the Egyptian economy and development programs despite the economic challenges faced. We are always keen to transform the Egyptian market from an emerging conventional market to a modern one capable of competing regionally and internationally with an aim to attract more investments to the local market.

Meanwhile, EGX is entirely committed to applying best international practices in regards to transparency, integrity, market surveillance and investors' protection. We are also aware of the importance of continuing the enhancements of our market’s legal, organizational and technological infrastructure to improve the investment climate in our beloved Egypt.

Our role is not only limited to supporting sound companies it also advocates the small and medium enterprises through Nilex, as we believe in the importance of this sector in supporting the Egyptian economy. Additionally, we exerted sincere efforts to raise awareness and encourage the private sector to adopt sustainability practices, which will have a great impact on the community.

Finally, it must be said that without the contribution of different market participants, from investors to financial institutions, listed companies and media, we would not have been able to successfully achieve these goals.

Let me end my words by calling all of you to sincerely work together to benefit the Egyptian Market in specific and the economy as a whole.


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