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How to Become a member

Entities operating in the field of capital market and willing to carry out any trading activity available in EGX, shall be bounded by the membership procedures.

Membership process steps:

To become an EGX member, there are certain steps that should be followed:

1- Getting the license granted by FRA for the following activities:
Brokerage Activities 
Custodians (Arabic)
Primary Dealers (Arabic)
Market Maker (Arabic)
2- Filling in the EGX membership request form and submit it to the Membership division – members' registration department as per  Appendix (2) of EGX Membership Rules (Arabic)
3- Fulfilling the membership documents as per Appendix (3) of EGX Membership Rules (Arabic)
4- Paying the membership fees (Arabic)
5- Signing the membership contract as Appendix (1) of EGX Membership Rules (Arabic)
For more inquiries, please E-Mail: Membersregistration@egx.com.eg or call us on 02-35316428