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Chairman's message  

Exchanges play an important role in supporting economic development not only via availing trading platforms that facilitate raising the required funding for companies to grow while fostering transparency, integrity and governance.

The presence of an active and efficient market is of crucial importance for attracting and promoting investments, we believe in our endeavors to modernize Egypt’s capital markets, capable of competing regionally and internationally to promote investments.

EGX is committed towards adapting international best practices on all fronts, inter alia, transparency, shareholders protection and advancing trading, while modernizing our relevant regulations and fostering technological advancements in light of the fast development and innovation in this area.

Improving trading environment is one of the key responsibilities to improve the investment environment in Egypt. The improvement is not confined to large corporations but also to SMEs, stemming from our believe of the paramount importance of the companies in the economy. Adding to that EGX aims at raising the awareness levels pertinent to sustainability issue while promoting future participation by the private sectors.

Last but not least, we believe that accomplishing EGX’s targets cannot be attained without the participation and collaboration of all participant including investors, financial institutions, listed companies, media, and NGOs.