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Chairman's Sustainability Message  

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) believes in the important role it plays at the community level, not only through becoming a sustainable institution that takes the social dimension as an essential guide to each of its daily decisions and strategic orientation, but also through extending its role to lead and encourage the private sector to become more sustainable.

On the internal level, we have worked on reducing EGX environmental impact ensued from our day-to-day operations, through adopting sustainable policies and regulations that rationalize resources consumption from energy, paper and water, in addition to setting mechanisms that reduce emissions and manage wastes.

EGX also believes that employees are its most important asset that is why we spare no effort to enhance their efficiency and promote their professional skills through training programs and participating in local and international conferences. All employees at EGX are treated fairly and equally without any discrimination based on religion, gender, or any other aspect. Our approach is to offer equal opportunities to everyone, as EGX follows the principles of “right person in the right job”, “equal pay for equal work” and “merit-based rewards”.

From another perspective, EGX pays extensive efforts to promote sustainability regionally and internationally. In this context, EGX has chaired the current African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Sustainability Committee, after proposing its formation to work on supporting and unifying sustainability efforts amongst member exchanges. Moreover, the Egyptian Exchange joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in addition to the UN Women program through signing Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs). In addition, EGX signed “The Marrakech Pledge for fostering Green Capital Markets in Africa” as a sign of commitment to sustainable development.

Furthermore, EGX effectively participated in the preparation of workshops and roundtables for the conference of the parties for climate change (COP22) in Marrakech. We also joined the new work stream established by Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE) the "Green Finance Advisory Group”.

In an attempt to engage our stakeholders more in sustainability activities, EGX issued the first Model Guidance for the sustainability report for listed companies "EGX Model Guidance for Reporting on ESG Performance and SDGs". We also invited listed companies to participate in several workshops held to introduce the guidance. In addition, EGX is always keen to engage different stakeholders in different social initiatives that EGX sponsors including International Women’s Day, Orphans Day and World Autism Awareness Day.

Realizing the importance of building capital markets’ capabilities in the field of sustainability, EGX reformed the Sustainability Advisory Committee to promote and activate its role in setting policies that help promote sustainability operations.

Our efforts regarding sustainability were culminated with the establishment of EGX Sustainability Foundation; headed by the former President, Counselor/ Adly Mansour, with a Board of Trustees of public figures. The foundation, the first of its kind, was established with an aim to unite and make the best of capital market’s social efforts.

Looking ahead, our sustainability journey continues. We seek more and we believe that efforts made to promote and raise awareness about sustainability will serve community development plans. In the end, we would like to call all market participants and community to join efforts to help achieve maximum benefit to the society as a whole.