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Bond Details
 Sawra Securitization The Thirty Second Issue Tran B June2023
Basic Data
ISIN CodeEGB690R1S734Reuters CodeEGSASEC32B=CA
Par Value83.6454No. of Bonds9400000
Issue Size786,266,760CurrencyEgyptian Pound
IssuerSarwa SecuritizationIssue Date04/12/2019
Listing Date23/02/2020Bond TypeSecuritized Bonds / Amortized
Amortization Schedule
Call Date30/01/2021Maturity Date30/06/2023
Coupon Rate12.98%
ويحتسب بدءا من اليوم التالي لتاريخ غلق باب الاكتتاب ويصرف شهريا اعتبارا من شهر ديسمبر 2019
Payment DatesAt the end of each month.
Tax StatusN/ANo. of Coupons/year12
Underwriting InstitutionArab African International BankCoverage Ratio100
Credit Rating on
AA (sf)
Credit Rating Report
Public Offering Ratio(%)0
Private Placement Ratio(%)100Prospectus Prospectus
Additional Information as of Last Trading Date (N/A)
Traded VolumeN/ATraded ValueN/A
Trades0Clean Price(%)100
Last Payment Date30/12/2019Next Payment Date30/12/2020
Current Yield %N/AYield To Maturity %N/A