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Disclosure Forms  

Documents required for disclosure and maintaining ongoing listing requirements

Disclosure Forms for the Structure of the Company’s Board of Directors, Shareholders and Executive Management
Investor Relations Form
Company Regulatory Framework Form
 BOD and Shareholding Structure Form
Financial Disclosure Forms
 Form for Company's Financial Indicators/Comparative Figures Approved by the BOD
 Form for Banks' Financial Indicators/Comparative Figures Approved by the BOD
 BOD Annual Report Form Attached with the Financial Statements 
Corporate Governance Forms
Corporate Governance Audit Report Form
Summarized Corporate Governance Form
Detailed Corporate Governance Form
 Corporate Governance Check List Guide
Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure Form
Miscellaneous Disclosure Forms
 Amendments in Listed Company's Data Form
 Form for the Semi-Annual Report regarding the Use of the Capital Increase Proceeds
 Buy/Sell Treasury Stocks Form
 Principal Shareholders, Related Parties & Insiders Trading Form
Principal Shareholders and Related Parties Trading Form
Cash Dividend Coupons Form
Bonds Coupons Form (Fixed Rate)
Bonds Coupons Form (Floating Rate)
Form of Voluntary De-listing
 Form of Disclosure Reports (Article #48) February 2017 
Form of Disclosure Reports (Article #50) February 2017 resilient