EGX Office at GAFI's Premises

EGX office at the headquarters of the General Authority for Investment (GAFI) was established in accordance with Article No. 21 of the Investment Law No. 72 of 2017 and its Executive Regulation; which stated the establishment of an Investor Services Center including representatives from all the competent authorities that offer services to investors, this is in order to facilitate services and create an attractive investment atmosphere.

The office aims primarily at facilitating services offered to investors through the presence of EGX delegates at GAFI headquarters, which includes many other entities; this facilitates, speedup the business process, ensures efficiency and speed of communication among competent authorities.

The office started working on 17/01/2018 and the official opening of the Investors Services center was on 21/2/2018 by his Excellency the Egyptian President.

Services Offered through the Office:

To contact the EGX Office at GAFI: