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Establishment of Alexandria Stock Exchange

In 1883, The First Stock Exchange for futures mercantiles was established in Alexandria.
In 1899, During the Reign of Khedive Abbas II, The Stock Exchange moved to a new building at Muhammad Ali Street.
In 1902, The Brokers' Syndicate was established, and its law became the Regulator of Stock Market Transactions.

Establishment of Cairo Stock Exchange in 1903

A company was established under the name of the Egyptian Company for Banking and Stock Exchange as a limited liability company for this purpose founded by some investors and brokers. During the year 1903, the old building of the Ottoman Bank (which is now Groppi Building - Adly Branch) located on Maghrabi Street was chosen as the official headquarters of the company.
The Brokers' Syndicate had laid some of the conditions and regulations of the market such as the conditions for accepting the listing of the shares and its schedule type, controlling the regulations of trading transactions, settling disputes between brokers and looking into the complaints lodged against them by the public.
During 1908, Cairo had a real trading platform from which interested investors could observe the trading activity of the stock market. This building was built in front of the French Consulate. Then, the first law regulating stock exchanges was issued on November 8, 1909.
During 1928, the Stock Exchange moved to the current headquarters located in Al-Sharifin Street.
The headquarters was built with the funds of a company, founded by brokers', established following the tenure end of the old company.

Legislative Framework for the Stock Exchange and its Development
  • Decree issued on November 8, 1909
  • Decree issued on December 31, 1933
  • Law No. (326) for year 1953 regarding Trading of Securities
  • The General Regulations of Stock Exchanges as per Law No. (161) for Year 1957
  • Law No. (121) for Year 1981 amending the General Regulations for Stock Exchanges.
  • Capital Market Law No. (95) for Year 1992
  • Presidential Decree No. (51) for Year 1997
  • Law No.(123) for Year 2008 amending Law No. (95) for Year 1992. Accordingly, Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges became under one name, The Egyptian Exchange.
  • Presidential Decree No. (191) for Year 2009