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EGX Summer Training and Internship Programs  

As a main contributor to the wellbeing of Egypt's future generations, EGX believes in practical training and internships as important learning tools in higher education. This type of training offers a solid opportunity for college students to apply the knowledge they've accumulated over their school years. It goes without saying that it is a direct mean towards preparing and qualifying them for the labour market.

In return, student training and internships suit EGX's interests in opening new channels for assessing the capacities of those candidates for future cooperation and/or hiring.

To enhance the students' future chances and hence serve their country, EGX has always provided college students with such programs through classroom as well as hands on training, especially during the summer vacations, within its premises in Cairo and Alexandria.

 To be eligible for obtaining such internship:

  • You should be a student of one of the following fields of study:- business administration / accounting / finance / economics & political science / statistics / mass communication / computer science / informatics / communication engineering / law.
  • Your 2017/2018 GPA should be Good or more (or its equivalent).
  • You should not be a relative of any of EGX employees.
  • English language proficiency and computer literacy are required.
(*) Please note that the internship duration is one month.