Join EGX

Listing a company in the stock market is one of the most important decisions, and in some cases, is considered an urgent need to develop and institutionalize the company. The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is one of the leading stock exchanges in the region, with a large number of retail and foreign institutional investors. EGX offers a platform for companies to raise capital to fund their projects and expansions, which helps fostering the development of high growth companies as well as innovative business leaders and entrepreneurs and therefore fuel the long-term growth of the Egyptian economy. The Egyptian Exchange adopts a number of measures to enhance the efficiency of the market as well as the listed companies’ competitiveness, including:
• Achieving balance between protecting investor's rights and the liability cost incurred by the listed company to achieve such protection.
• Member companies' commitment to corporate governance rules to ensure effective oversight and investors' protection.
• The adoption of the latest international standards and technological advancements.
• Maintaining an effective and prominent regional and international presence.
Joining EGX will not only enhance the company's position with its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders but will also enable the company gain a greater visibility for its products and services through the wide media coverage.