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NameReuters CodeISIN CodeC.P.$/L.E.Last Trading DateLast Traded Volume
Financial Group Hermes For Sukuk First Issue December 2024 More Bond's Details.
EGHRMSK01=CAEGB696G1L017 87.50 L.E11/05/20211,000,000
Financial Group Hermes For Sukuk The Second Issue Oct 2027 More Bond's Details.
EGHRMSK02=CAEGB696G1L025 100.00 L.E  
Sarwa Sharing Sukuk The Third Issue September 2031 More Bond's Details.
EGSRSK03=CAEGB69671L039 100.00 L.E  
Sarwa Sukuk The First Issue November 2027 More Bond's Details.
EGSRSK01=CAEGB69671L013 63.99 L.E  
Sarwa Sukuk The Fourth Issue August 2029 More Bond's Details.
EGSRSK04=CAEGB69671L047 100.00 L.E  
Sarwa Sukuk The Second Issue June 2028 More Bond's Details.
EGSRSK02=CAEGB69671S026 100.03 L.E26/01/2022100,000