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Listing Fees  
Annual Listing Fees:
Administrative Services Fees:
  • Administrative fees should be paid according to EGX Board of Directors' decrees.
Financial Statements Publishing Fees:
  • Every listed (issuer) company should pay for publishing its financial statements on EGX website according to the brackets of the company's listed capital shown in the following table.
Brackets of the Listed Capital Publishing Fees
From EGP 5 million up to EGP 20 million EGP 3,000
More than EGP 20 million and up to EGP 40 million EGP 5,000
More than EGP 40 million and up to EGP 60 million EGP 7,000
More than EGP 60 million. EGP 10,000

  • In case of capital increase, the company will be subject to the higher bracket of fees and hence should pay an additional fees representing the difference between the two brackets of fees for the remainder of the current year.
  • In case of capital decrease, the company will be subject to the lower bracket of fees, and a settlement of the difference will be made.