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Listing Forms

Listing Forms and Documents

Documents required for listing processes, capital increases and various processes related to listing and delisting.

Documents for New Listing
 Documents for New Listing -Stocks- Main Market (Arabic)
Documents for New Listing - Foreign Stocks (Arabic)
Documents for New Listing - Bonds/ Sukuks (other Debt Instruments) (Arabic)
 Documents for New Listing - Egyptian Depositary Receipts (EDRs) (Arabic)
 Documents to Listing Amendments
 Documents for Listing Amendment (Stock Split) (Arabic)
 Documents for Listing Amendment (Company Duration) (Arabic)
 Documents for Listing Amendment (Authorized Capital / Company Purpose / Company Name) (Arabic)
 Documents for Listing Amendment (Capital Increase through Merger) (Arabic)
Documents for Listing Amendment (Capital Increase through Rights Issue) (Arabic)
Documents for Listing Amendment (Capital Increase through Bonus Stock)(Arabic)
 Documents for Listing Amendment (Cash Capital Increase through Credit Balances / Share Swap / excluding Pre-Emption Rights / Bank Deposit Certificate) (Arabic) 
 Miscellaneous Listing Documents and Forms
 Documents for Listing Rights Issue Separately from the Underlying Shares "Resulting from a Capital Increase" (Arabic)
 Documents for Voluntary Delisting (Arabic)
 Listing Forms (Arabic)
Annual Disclossure Form (Arabic)