Fully aware of the capital market's needs and requirements, EGX Board of Directors gives a great emphasis to develop and reinforce the communication with the media, to raise the awareness about the role of a stock exchange as a main gateway to access finance, improve investment and mobilize savings.
EGX management strives to build strong ties and a partnership with the media aiming to correct the misconception about the stock exchange and promote its main role for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
EGX management works on enhancing the means and channels of communication to avoid spreading wrong news and rumors that negatively affect the market, keep the business community posted with any updates and promote sound financial markets.

EGX also ensure that the communication with the media is fast enough t to cope with the increasing dynamics of the stock market by providing journalists with all pertinent information and press releases with all developments and changes, helping them spreading the information and raising the awareness of the community.
EGX will spare no efforts in organizing capital market’s related training courses to develop and enhance the skills and build the capacity of the media professionals, which in turn will be reflected on the accuracy and quality of articles and press releases.
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