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Brokerage Firms Basic Data
OSTOUL Securities Brokerage and Bond Trading

1 Gabalaya St. - Zamalek - Cairo
Basic Data
Phone (02) 27372560 Fax (02) 27372570
email info@ostoulsb.com Website www.ostoulsb.com
Company's value rank during     APR 2023    Brokerage Firms Ranking
Main Market: 7
Without OPR: 7
FIX* Trading: 7
Main and Specialized Activities
Intraday Trading
Margin Trading
Online Trading
Receiving and Executing Purchases and Retrieval of Open Mutual Funds Certificates
Trading in GDRs
Trading in Bonds
Trading in Foreign Markets
Receive Subscription in Mutual Funds Certificates
Branches Data
5 Shams St. - Elden El Zahaby - Heliopolis - Cairo
 (02) 26900310
 (02) 26900329
* FIX “Financial Information Exchange” includes orders through the OMS and orders through the internet trading (for companies eligible for this activity).