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Membership Forms  

Membership Forms

The Aim of these forms is to facilitate the access of the EGX Members and their employees to meet their membership requirements in a simplified and timely manner.

Membership Forms
 Membership Contract Form (Arabic)
 Membership Request Form (Arabic)
 Membership Documents (Arabic)
Employees Forms
 Employees Curriculum Vitae Form (Arabic)
 Brokerage Firms Employees Statement Form (Arabic)
 Employees Statement Form (Arabic)
Board of Directors Forms
 Shareholders Statement Form (Arabic)
 Board of Directors Statement Form (Arabic)
 Related Parties Statement Form (Arabic)
Brokers / Trader Managers Forms
 Membership Documents Form for Brokers and Trader Managers (Arabic)
 Membership Request Form for Brokers and Traders Managers (Arabic)
 Experience Certificate Form (Arabic)
 Release Certificate (Arabic)
 General Forms (Arabic) 
 Execution Card Receiving Form (Arabic)
 Eligibility Non-Completion Form (Arabic)  
 Foreign Executors Pledge Form (Arabic)
Capital Adequacy Forms
 Regulations regarding Capital Adequacy (Arabic)
 Capital Adequacy Form for Brokerage Firms (Arabic)
 Capital Adequacy Form for Market Makers (Arabic) 
Other Forms
 Penalties Form (Arabic)
 Guiding Model for the Internal Auditor Report  (Arabic) 
  Technological Requirements and Information System Manual (Arabic)