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Suspending Two Branches of The Roots Co. for Stock Brokerage
Reference to the Financial Regulatory Authority Chairman decision no. (759) for the year 2018 on 24/06/2018 suspending two branches of The Roots Co. for Stock Brokerage (located in Moqattam and Nasr City) from performing its licensed activities for 15 days, as per article no. (30) of the Capital Market Law no. (95) For the year 1992 and this is for not removing its attributed violations mentioned in the warning on 03/04/2018.
Where the company complained about the FRA’s decision mentioned above and the Grievance Committee issued its decision (in the grievance No. (21) for the year 2018 on 06/08/2018), to accept its form and repudiate its content.
Thereby This decision will be applied and the two branches will be suspended starting from 07/08/2018 till 21/08/2018.