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EGX signs a Memorandum of Understand (MOU) with the National Training Academy (NTA) for Youth Capacity Building.
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) signed a Memorandum of Understand with the National Training Academy (NTA) to raise the awareness of the financial literacy among youth.  The MOU was signed by Mr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, EGX Chairman, and Dr. Rasha Ragheb, Executive Director of NTA.   This come as a step to achieve the Egyptian inclusive development plan.
EGX will provide lectures on the Capital Market basics and means to investing in it.  Educational booklets are also available to trainees for free. Practical demonstration of investing environment will be available through EGX’s simulation program “StockRiders”. The National Training Academy (NTA) will organize these lectures through its training program.  An Executive committee will be established by both parties to facilitate the adoption of agreed upon mechanism and achieving MOU targets.
Farid confirmed that signing this MOU comes is another step towards achieving EGX’s goals to raise financial literacy among young generations specially universities students which consequently will help improve economic and the social development.  He added that EGX is continuously working for the Egyptian market’s development.
Dr. Rasha Ragheb, NTA Executive Director, confirmed that this MOU complements the efforts of the National Training Academy (NTA) for raising the awareness of youth in various fields.  She added that basics of both cumulative saving and capital market basics will be an addition to the offered trainings by the academy.