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EGX Signs an MOU with Mansoura University to Raise the Students Awareness about the Capital Market
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) signed a cooperation agreement with Mansoura University to raise financial literacy among MU students. The agreement includes training programs on basics of investment and long-term savings of the capital markets.  
The agreement was signed by Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of EGX, and Dr. Ashraf Abdul Basit, President of Mansoura University at the headquarters of the University and attended by Dr. Mohammed Atwa, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Dr. Saad Mutawa, Director of the Center for Financial and Banking Studies.
Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of EGX, said that signing this MOU will support EGX's efforts to raise financial awareness among the Egyptian society.  This activity will be conducted on the theoretical level and the practical one through competition on the simulation system designed by EGX.  He pointed out that a joint working groups will be formed to develop the mechanisms of this cooperation, stressing that EGX’s management is working with all parties to raise financial awareness among the general public.  Through these activities’ EGX is contributing to increase the competitiveness of Egypt's financial market as it is an important tool to attract foreign and domestic investments.
Dr. Mohamed Atwa, Dean of Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, praised the cooperation with EGX, which aims to develop the skills of students and graduates and support the objectives of the Center for Financial and Banking Studies, Mansoura University.  Dr. Atwa added that the university will provide the logistics for the training programs, pointing out the importance of this cooperation to support the university's efforts in achieving the highest efficiency rates in applying interactive learning methods and systems to qualify its students for best employment opportunities in the future.