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6-Month Grace Period for Margin Trading Settlement on Shares Excluded from the Current Review
In light of the continuous efforts of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and The Financial Market Authority (FRA) to provide a stable Egyptian market for investors, EGX has submitted a proposal adopted by FRA allowing traders 6 months instead of two for settling their positions in margin trading and short selling in shares excluded from the lists of specialized activities.

This step will allow investors to plan long term decisions and in accordance with market conditions, in order to ensure maximum stability in market transactions. EGX's specialized committee reviews the lists of specialized activities in accordance with the criteria adopted by FRA every 6 months.  The committee is allowed to list new shares of new IPOs joining EGX’s platform during the first three months of the periodic review period.
EGX will announce the list of securities allowed to trade in specialized activities, on Monday, to be implemented starting from Tuesday's trading session.