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EGX implements Remote Systems to Ease Communication between Market Participants

In line with the comprehensive strategy adopted by The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) to mitigate contagion risk of the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), EGX launched remote electronic systems for its different sectors; coding, membership and omnibus system, in addition to the remote trading system already activated, allowing market participants to work remotely and insuring business continuity.  Earlier, EGX activated remote working for its employees using smart technology allowing remote business continuity for its employees without any need to attend the workplace. 
Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of EGX, said that teams were formed to follow-up on latest developments and deal with any crisis scenarios to ensure the continuity of work not only internally but also among market participants.
He added "These developments goes on pare with the Egyptian government plan for a complete digital transformation” continuing that all actions taken in this regard are being pursued as necessary measures to ensure the safety and stability of EGX.