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EGX Develops Electronic Platforms to Enhance Communication between Market Participants
As a continuation of The Egyptian Exchange’s (EGX) efforts to enhance communication between different market parties and resume its efforts to raise awareness of the role of The Egyptian capital market in the economy with the Corona "Coved 19" pandemic, EGX’s management has developed its electronic platforms by producing a variety of information videos to review the latest developments in the market. 

Three products where developed to broadcasted remotely on the social media platforms of the Egyptian Exchange.  The first product “EGX TALKS", through which executive leaders of the market will present latest news and updates of their companies.  This service aims to further disclose the extent to which the activity of the companies restricted by changes and their plans to manage their activities and how to maintain their competitive position and market shares. The first episode has been launched, hosting Fawry Financial Technology Company.  The talk was about the company’s latest developments and efforts to done in light of the recent changes.

The second product; “EGX COURSE”, a service that also includes a series of educational videos to introduce the community to the role of stock exchanges in the economy and people's daily lives and introduce them to the basics of investment.  First broadcast will be with the chairman of The Egyptian Exchange to highlight the basics of investment in the financial markets.
Third product: "IR Highlights", a service that includes the broadcast of a series of recorded periodic meetings on EGX’s social media platforms between listed companies IRs and research departments and investment managers, presenting latest developments in listed companies and their future plans.  “IR Highlights” aims to stimulate trading and liquidity in the Egyptian Market.
Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive chairman of EGX, said that EGX’s management continues to carry out its work towards the development of the stock market by enhancing and raising the efficiency of the process of communication between market stakeholders.