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Listing the Bonds of Hermes Securities Brokerage the First Issue - Matured in December 2020
The Listing Committee held on 21/07/2020 has approved to list the nominal, tradable and non-convertible Short-Term Bonds , Hermes Securities Brokerage The First Issue– matured in December 2020 that issued on 19/12/2019
redeems on the end of the issue duration December 2020 Amounted to EGP 400,000,000, distributed over 4,000,000 bonds at par value of EGP 100 for each bond.
At a fixed annual rate of 12.6% to be paid in the end of the issue duration
this bond Issue is not callable this bond Issue has been locally rated by MERIS as P2 on 10/10/2019.
The new bond issue, has been added to EGX database, after the expiry of the new listing announcement period, without no objections to be submitted concerning the listing of such bond issue, to be available for trading effective 22/07/2020 trading session.