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EGX Launches its Program for Benha & Suez Canal Universities
Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange (EGX), delivered the opening speech to students from Suez Canal University and Banha University as part of EGX’s virtual Financial Literacy Program conducted to raise financial awareness among university students.  This training program is a continuation of EGX’s efforts for financial inclusion implementation through the financial awareness program for university students specifically and the general public.
During his speech, Dr. Mohamed Farid said that raising financial awareness on issues related to the Egyptian Capital Market is of vital importance to EGX’s management.  It focuses on correcting misguided perceptions about investing in the capital market and highlighting the role of EGX in financing business and in turn create jobs opportunities and supports GDP.  Lastly its role as a mean of long-term investment.
Worth mentioning that EGX signed Memorandums of Understanding with several universities & academies this year among which are Alexandria University, Badr Universities, and National Academy for Training.  EGX was present in forums of high participation to present investment and development opportunities to investors.