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EGX Continues Its Awareness Program with Egypt’s Future Ambassadors
Continuing its educational activities with related institutions to increase financial awareness of the non-banking sector, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its educational arm, The Institute of Diplomatic Studies (IDS), held educational lectures introducing the role of capital market in supporting and developing the economies and contributing to the goals of economic and social development plans.  These lectures are part of EGX’s efforts to promote the Egyptian financial market internationally enhancing the opportunities to attract foreign investment to promote economic growth in Egypt.
Through his lecture, EGX’s executive chairman reviewed the developments of the economic reform program adopted and implemented by the Egyptian Government, which contributed to stable growth rates, the steady macroeconomic indicators as well as the growing role of the private sector in Egypt.
Dr. Mohamed Farid, Executive Chairman of EGX said, "Egypt has a comprehensive economic reform story of its fiscal and monetary policies that contributed significantly to the stabilization of EGP FX rate as well as legislation that included issuance of several laws to improve the business environment, and the subsequent structural policies to develop and rehabilitate all sectors of economic activity."
He highlighted the role of EGX in the Egyptian economic system, where he explained that stock exchanges are key players in providing the necessary financing for various economic entities to finance their expansions and increase operating rates.