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EGX Allows Youth to Invest in the Egyptian Capital Market
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) allows youth from 16 to 21 to acquire investor code and invest in the Egyptian Capital Market after the Financial Regulatory Authority’s (FRA) approval of EGX’s proposal.  The Financial Regulatory Authority’s (FRA) Board of Directors issued resolution No. 23 for year 2021; dated 21 February 2021 on the controls of youth’s from 16 to 21 years investment in securities listed on EGX.

The young investors will get the code upon providing a copy of the national ID. This step allow youth from the age of 16 to invest in EGX without a guardian’s approval. In this case, the brokerage firm undertakes to comply with the regulations of the FRA’s Decision No. (23) for year 2021, regarding the investment of youth.

This step allows youth to invest and save through EGX, promoting the culture of savings and investment through the Egyptian Capital Market and accordingly achieve strong growth rates in a sustainable manner.  This will also increase investors’ base for the benefit of the market liquidity, listed companies and investors.

In the same context, EGX announced, and as a continuation of its Financial Literacy activities, signing cooperation agreements with 3 universities and the National Training Academy, to further introduce the role of the Egyptian Capital Market in supporting economic growth as well as the basics of saving and investment through the stock market.