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Listing Request from Capital For Securitization - The First Issuance of the Third Program
   In implementation of Article (20) of the Rules for Listing and delisting securities, the listing sector on the Egyptian Exchange announces that on 30/01/2023, a request to list the securitization bonds issued by Capital For Securitization - the first issuance of the third program was received,
The listing documents are being fulfilled to be presented to the Listing Committee , the details of the listing request are as follows:-

Nominal securitization bonds the program system (multiple issues) against  in exchange for negotiable and non-transferable financial rights, with a total amount of EGP 978,000,000 in one issuance of Four tranches offered through 100% private subscription to financial institutions and individuals with financial solvency

The announcement will be published for a period of five working days from its date, in implementation of the provisions of Article (20) of the rules for listing and delisting securities issued by the Board of Directors of the Financial Regulatory Authority No. (11) on 22/1/2014 and its Executive procedures and their amendments.