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Primary Dealers System

An electronic trading system was developed by EGX to operate the Primary Dealers System through which the trading is conducted according to the clean price. In addition, the yield to maturity, the current yield, the duration and the accrued interest are calculated automatically.

The Primary Dealers System is linked electronically to the primary dealers, custodians and Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR) Company.

The Primary Dealers System was introduced to activate the bond market and enhance its liquidity, in addition to reducing the cost of borrowing for the government and providing the Central Bank with financial tools that would facilitate its intervention in the secondary market via open market operations.

Primary dealers' main functions are to underwrite the initial offering of the government securities in the primary market and to act as market makers in the secondary market.

List of Primary Dealers
Primary Dealers As of  29/05/2023
1National Bank of Egypt
2HSBC Bank-Egypt
4Banque Misr
5Banque du Caire
6Bank of Alexandria
7Arab African Bank
9Credit Agricole Egypt
10Commercial International Bank- Egypt
11Arab Bank Ltd
12Export Development Bank of Egypt
13Suez Canal Bank
14Qatar National Bank AL Ahli
15Egyptian Gulf Bank
16Barclays Bank - Egypt (S.A.E)