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EGX Strategy
Exchanges are one of the main pillars of economies as they are a key source for financing corporation to advance their expansions.
Meanwhile, exchanges are core of the capital markets where trading platforms allow investors to transfer ownership in a transparent and flexible process. Moreover, trading platforms comply with disclosure and corporate governance rules that urge listed companies to move to the proper institutional business environment needed to sustain the activity; consequently achieve strong and sustainable economic growth.

Exchanges always seek constant development and flexibility based on both applying the best practices as well as the continuous study of the technological advancements that will positively reflect on the market’s activity.

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is committed to conform to the national economic reform process from its own perspective. Thus, it works on improving the supply levels through attracting more companies to list in addition to raising the disclosure levels through the communication between listed companies and investors. It also facilitates the trading mechanisms as well initiating new financial instruments. Last but not least, it is crucial to raise the levels of financial culture and awareness to encourage more investors to join the market, where they should consider the market as a long term incremental saving tool.

From another perspective, taking the advantage of the development of the companies’ performance in terms of redistributing the economic growth outcomes to a large number of investors contributing in the wealth redistribution.
Achieving targets depends on the human element; this is why EGX’s approach is to raise the efficiency of the employees in the market participants by providing intensive technical training programs.

Finally, the presence of an efficient and active securities market is the most important factor to raise both domestic and foreign investments, which is the main gateway to create job opportunities; thus improve the communities’ living conditions.

Strategy Objectives
1. Enhancing the legislative and regulatory infrastructure of the market
2. Developing the trading platform and upgrading the technological infrastructure
3. Reinforcing EGX role in enhancing economic and social welfare
4. Increasing promotional activities and awareness
5. Strengthening EGX international presence