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EGX Training Center was established late 2000. It aimed at providing capital markets participants, locally and regionally, with state-of-the-art financial information, especially in the field of developing emerging markets. The Training Center also carried out the task of developing EGX human resources by improving their technical as well as administrative skills and performance through direct and indirect training programs.

Since its establishment, EGX Training Center serves:

- As EGX training arm in the Egyptian and regional capital markets.

EGX Training Center held high quality training programs for participants in the financial sector, banking and non-banking. Those programs ranged from academic classroom programs as well as on-the-job training programs, both for the Egyptian and the regional markets. These include training programs to qualify old and new brokers for the use of the electronic such as the current system (X-Stream) in addition to the technical training programs provided to brokerage firms as well as listed companies and listing candidates, to raise their awareness about the new products introduced in the markets

Moreover, EGX Training Center offers introduction to capital markets training programs to college students [free of charge] at EGX premises, in Cairo and Alexandria, as one of its mandates to spread the awareness about the basics of capital market and long term investment.

- As EGX human resources development tool.

EGX Training Center targets EGX human capital's development through organizing the training process. It implements an annual training plan that deals with the needs of EGX respective divisions, and fulfills EGX vision and mission according to priorities and budgets set forth by EGX board members. Such plan is executed through cutting edge programs, with special emphasis on information technology and non-banking financials being the backbone of any modern stock exchange.