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The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)  

Membership of the World Federation of Exchanges is an international criterion for many regulators and asset management institutions to allow privileged access for investment. Membership of the World Federation of Exchanges identifies an exchange as having assumed the commitment to prescribed business standards, recognized as such by members, owners, and users of exchanges, as well as by regulators and supervisory bodies.

The federation aspires to maintain a platform worldwide where exchange industry professionals discuss issues of common interest, and identify new solutions to enhance the efficiency of regulated markets, and develop programs which protect their integrity.

It also enhances the co-operative relationship with supervisory authorities, in order to advocate the benefits of exchange front-line self-regulation within the total regulatory framework and the process of international mutual recognition.
Moreover, the federation provides support to newer and smaller exchanges in their efforts to develop markets which function according to Federation member standards, thus contributing to global respect for the business practices of a well-run industry.

Today membership encompasses 64 exchanges from all over the world. There are a further 16 affiliates with separate professional relations, and 17 exchanges which are correspondents. The World Federation of Exchanges is governed by its 17 member Board of Directors. The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Board members are elected for two years at the General Assembly.

EGX is currently a member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), which is the trade association of the global exchange industry.

EGX held the WFE Sixth Developing Markets Forum in 2005, which is the first time that Cairo hosts one of WFE's most important events to discuss significant development issues related to global capital markets. Worth mentioning that EGX is a member of the WFE Sustainability Working Group, SMEs Working Group and Emerging Market Working Group.