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All Listed Securities
A Capital HoldingEGS697S1C015Real Estate
AJWA for Food Industries company EgyptEGS30211C014Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Abou Kir FertilizersEGS38191C010Basic Resources
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank- EgyptEGS60111C019Banks
Acrow MisrEGS3E071C013Contracting & Construction Engineering
Al Arafa For Investment And ConsultanciesEGS672I2C014Textile & Durables
Al Baraka Bank EgyptEGS60101C010Banks
Al Khair River For Development Agricultural Investment&EnvirEGS02291C010Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Al Tawfeek Leasing Company-A.T.LEASEEGS676N1C015Non-bank financial services
Alexandria Containers and goodsEGS42111C012Shipping & Transportation Services
Alexandria Flour MillsEGS30471C014Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Alexandria Mineral Oils CompanyEGS380P1C010Energy & Support Services
Alexandria National Company for Financial InvestmentEGS67331C016Non-bank financial services
Alexandria New Medical CenterEGS72081C010Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Alexandria PharmaceuticalsEGS38341C011Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Alexandria Spinning & Weaving (SPINALEX)EGS32041C013Textile & Durables
Amer Group HoldingEGS675S1C011Real Estate
Arab AluminumEGS3D031C018Basic Resources
Arab Co. for Asset Management And DevelopmentEGS72AQ1C016Real Estate
Arab Cotton GinningEGS32221C011Textile & Durables
Arab Developers HoldingEGS694A1C018Real Estate
Arab Moltaka Investments CoEGS67221C019Non-bank financial services
Arab PharmaceuticalsEGS38321C013Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Arab Real Estate Investment CO.-ALICOEGS65011C016Real Estate
Arab Valves CompanyEGS3E1E1C013Building Materials
Arabia Investments HoldingEGS21351C019Non-bank financial services
Arabian Cement CompanyEGS3C0O1C016Building Materials
Arabian Food Industries DOMTYEGS30031C016Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Asek Company for Mining - AscomEGS10001C013Basic Resources
Aspire Capital Holding For Financial InvestmentsEGS691L1C018Non-bank financial services
Atlas For Investment and Food IndustriesEGS071L1C018Real Estate
B Investments HoldingEGS691T1C010Non-bank financial services
Banque Du CaireEGS600K1C019Banks
Belton Financial HoldingEGS691G1C015Non-bank financial services
CI Capital Holding For Financial InvestmentsEGS691D1C018Non-bank financial services
Cairo Educational ServicesEGS72201C014Education Services
Cairo For Investment And Real Estate DevelopmentEGS65541C012Education Services
Cairo Oils & SoapEGS30581C010Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Cairo PharmaceuticalsEGS38391C016Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Cairo PoultryEGS02051C018Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Canal Shipping AgenciesEGS44031C010Shipping & Transportation Services
Ceramic & PorcelainEGS3C111C019Building Materials
Certificates Of Odin Egyptian Equity Investment Fund-KASABEGS696Z1C017Non-bank financial services
Cleopatra Hospital CompanyEGS729J1C018Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Commercial International Bank (Egypt)EGS60121C018Banks
Contact Financial HoldingEGS738I1C018Non-bank financial services
Copper For Commercial Investment & Real Estate DevelopmentEGS65511C015Contracting & Construction Engineering
Credit Agricole EgyptEGS60041C018Banks
Damietta Container and Cargo HandlingEGS42121C011Shipping & Transportation Services
Delta Construction & RebuildingEGS21451C017Real Estate
Delta For Printing & PackagingEGS370W1C013Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles
Delta InsuranceEGS63031C016Non-bank financial services
Delta SugarEGS30201C015Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Development & Engineering ConsultantsEGS65081C019Real Estate
Dice Sport & Casual WearEGS33321C018Textile & Durables
E-finance For Digital and Financial InvestmentsEGS743O1C013IT , Media & Communication Services
EGX 30 INDEX ETFEGS69491M015Non-bank financial services
EL Ezz Aldekhela Steel - AlexandriaEGS3D041C017Basic Resources
ELSWEDY ELECTRICEGS3G0Z1C014Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles
East Delta Flour MillsEGS30351C018Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Eastern CompanyEGS37091C013Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Edita Food Industries S.A.EEGS305I1C011Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Egypt AluminumEGS3E181C010Basic Resources
Egypt for PoultryEGS02211C018Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Egyptian Arabian(Themar)Comp. For Securities&Bonds Brok. EACEGS681D1C010Non-bank financial services
Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima)EGS38201C017Basic Resources
Egyptian Financial & IndustrialEGS38381C017Basic Resources
Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding CompanyEGS69101C011Non-bank financial services
Egyptian Gulf BankEGS60182C010Banks
Egyptian Gulf Marseilia For Real Estate InvestmentEGS739Z1C016Real Estate
Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals (EIPICO)EGS38081C013Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Egyptian Iron & SteelEGS3D061C015Basic Resources
Egyptian Kuwaiti HoldingEGS69082C013Non-bank financial services
Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding-EGPEGS69081C023Non-bank financial services
Egyptian Media Production CityEGS78021C010IT , Media & Communication Services
Egyptian Real Estate GroupEGS65211C012Real Estate
Egyptian Satellites (NileSat)EGS48022C015IT , Media & Communication Services
Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS)EGS42051C010Shipping & Transportation Services
Egyptian for Tourism ResortsEGS70431C019Travel & Leisure
Egyptians For Investment & Urban DevelopmentEGS213S1C010Contracting & Construction Engineering
Egyptians Housing Development & ReconstructionEGS65341C017Real Estate
Egyptians Real Estate Fund CertificatesEGS694B1C017Non-bank financial services
El Ahli Investment and DevelopmentEGS69021C011Non-bank financial services
El Ahram Co. For Printing And PackingEGS360A1C011Paper & Packaging
El Arabia Engineering IndustriesEGS3G111C015Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles
El Arabia for Land ReclamationEGS65771C015Contracting & Construction Engineering
El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma)EGS3C071C015Building Materials
El Kahera El Watania InvestmentEGS69011C012Non-bank financial services
El Kahera HousingEGS65071C010Real Estate
El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo)EGS33061C010Textile & Durables
El Nasr For Manufacturing Agricultural CropsEGS300L1C011Food, Beverages and Tobacco
El Obour Real Estate InvestmentEGS65551C011Real Estate
El Orouba Securities BrokerageEGS681I1C015Non-bank financial services
El Shams Housing & UrbanizationEGS65091C018Real Estate
El Shams Pyramids For Hotels& Touristic ProjectsEGS70H02C014Travel & Leisure
El Wadi For International and Investement DevelopmentEGS70R91C016Travel & Leisure
El-Nile Co. For Pharmaceuticals And Chemical IndustriesEGS38331C012Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Electro Cable EgyptEGS3G231C011Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles
Elsaeed Contracting& Real Estate Investment Company SCCDEGS21531C016Real Estate
Emaar Misr for DevelopmentEGS673Y1C015Real Estate
Engineering Industries (ICON)EGS3F021C017Contracting & Construction Engineering
Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE)EGS60241C014Banks
Extracted OilsEGS38251C012Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Ezz SteelEGS3C251C013Basic Resources
Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In EGPEGS60321C014Banks
Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In US DollarsEGS60322C012Banks
Fawry For Banking Technology And Electronic PaymentEGS745L1C014IT , Media & Communication Services
GB AUTOEGS673T1C012Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles
Gadwa For Industrial DevelopmentEGS3JM11C012Industrial Goods , Services and Automobiles
General Company For Land Reclamation,Development & ReconstruEGS01081C016Contracting & Construction Engineering
General Silos & StorageEGS30441C017Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Gharbia Islamic Housing DevelopmentEGS65461C013Real Estate
Giza General ContractingEGS21541C015Contracting & Construction Engineering
Glaxo Smith KlineEGS38171C012Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Golden Coast CompanyEGS70GV1C015Travel & Leisure
Golden Pyramids PlazaEGS70342C018Travel & Leisure
Golden Textiles & Clothes WoolEGS32161C019Textile & Durables
Grand Investment CapitalEGS69261C013Non-bank financial services
Gulf Canadian Real Estate Investment Co.EGS651B1C018Real Estate
Heliopolis HousingEGS65591C017Real Estate
Housing & Development BankEGS60301C016Banks
Ibnsina PharmaEGS512O1C012Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Integrated Diagnostics Holdings plcEGS99021C015Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
International Agricultural ProductsEGS07061C012Trade & Distributors
International Co For Investment & DevelopmentEGS67191C014Real Estate
International Company For Leasing (IncoLEASE)EGS67001C015Non-bank financial services
Iron And Steel for Mines and QuarriesEGS102S1C014Basic Resources
Ismailia Development and Real Estate CoEGS214Q1C011Real Estate
Ismailia Misr PoultryEGS02021C011Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Ismailia National Food IndustriesEGS01041C010Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Juhayna Food IndustriesEGS30901C010Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Kafr El Zayat PesticidesEGS38411C012Basic Resources
Lecico EgyptEGS3C161C014Building Materials
MM Group For Industry And International TradeEGS75011C014Trade & Distributors
Macro Group Pharmaceuticals -Macro CapitalEGS7D971C011Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Mansourah PoultryEGS02091C014Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Maridive & oil servicesEGS44012C010Energy & Support Services
Marsa Marsa Alam For Tourism DevelopmentEGS70P91C010Travel & Leisure
Medical Packaging CompanyEGS3C4L1C015Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Medinet Nasr HousingEGS65571C019Real Estate
Memphis PharmaceuticalsEGS38351C010Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Mena Touristic & Real Estate InvestmentEGS65441C015Real Estate
Middle & West Delta Flour MillsEGS30421C019Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Middle East Glass ManufacturingEGS3C001C012Paper & Packaging
Middle Egypt Flour MillsEGS30401C011Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Minapharm PharmaceuticalsEGS380G1C011Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Misr Beni Suef CementEGS3C371C019Building Materials
Misr Cement (Qena)EGS3C391C017Building Materials
Misr Chemical IndustriesEGS38211C016Basic Resources
Misr Duty Free ShopsEGS53051C016Trade & Distributors
Misr Fretilizers Production Company - MopcoEGS39061C014Basic Resources
Misr HotelsEGS70081C012Travel & Leisure
Misr National Steel - AtaqaEGS3D0C1C018Basic Resources
Misr Oils & SoapEGS38421C011Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Mohandes InsuranceEGS63041C015Non-bank financial services
Naeem HoldingEGS69182C011Non-bank financial services
Nasr Company for Civil WorksEGS23111C015Contracting & Construction Engineering
National DrillingEGS735N2C012Energy & Support Services
National Housing for Professional SyndicatesEGS65131C012Real Estate
Natural Gas & Mining Project (Egypt Gas)EGS39011C019Utilities
North Cairo MillsEGS30361C017Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Northern Upper Egypt Development & Agricultural ProductionEGS52041C018Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Nozha International HospitalEGS72011C017Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
ODIN InvestmentsEGS67181C015Non-bank financial services
Obour Land For Food IndustriesEGS30AL1C012Food, Beverages and Tobacco
October PharmaEGS380R1C018Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Orascom Construction PLCEGS95001C011Contracting & Construction Engineering
Orascom Development EgyptEGS70321C012Real Estate
Orascom Financial HoldingEGS696S1C016Non-bank financial services
Orascom Investment HoldingEGS693V1C014IT , Media & Communication Services
Oriental WeaversEGS33041C012Textile & Durables
Osool ESB Securities BrokerageEGS68181C014Non-bank financial services
Paint & Chemicals Industries (Pachin)EGS38311C014Basic Resources
Palm Hills Development CompanyEGS655L1C012Real Estate
Paper Middle East (Simo)EGS36091C014Paper & Packaging
Pioneers Properties For Urban Development(PREDCO)EGS21FW1C015Real Estate
Port Said Containers And Cargo Handling Co.EGS42101C013Shipping & Transportation Services
Prime HoldingEGS691A1C011Non-bank financial services
Pyramisa HotelsEGS70331C011Travel & Leisure
QALA For Financial InvestmentsEGS73541C012Non-bank financial services
QALA For Financial Investments - Preferred SharesEGS73541P048Non-bank financial services
Qatar National Bank AlahlyEGS60081C014Banks
Rakta Paper ManufacturingEGS36021C011Paper & Packaging
Raya Contact CenterEGS74191C015IT , Media & Communication Services
Raya Holding For Financial InvestmentsEGS690C1C010Non-bank financial services
Reacap Financial InvestmentsEGS69191C012Real Estate
Remco for Touristic Villages ConstructionEGS70271C019Travel & Leisure
Rights Issue Of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - Egypt-2EGS922Z1C013Banks
Rights Issue Of Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals-EIPICEGS92351C013Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Rights Issue Of Kafr El Zayat Pesticides And Chemicals Co-2EGS92301C018Basic Resources
Rights Issue Of Speed Medical -2EGS92341C014Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad)EGS70281C018Travel & Leisure
Rubex International for Plastic and Acrylic ManufacturingEGS3A221C018Building Materials
Sabaa International Company for Pharmaceutical and ChemicalEGS382M1C011Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Samad Misr -EGYFERTEGS51191C012Trade & Distributors
Saudi Egyptian Investment & FinanceEGS67031C012Non-bank financial services
Saudi Egyptian Investment & Finance $EGS67032C010Non-bank financial services
Sharkia National FoodEGS30291C016Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Sharm Dreams Co. for Tourism InvestmentEGS70571C012Travel & Leisure
Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals - SIDPECEGS380S1C017Basic Resources
Sinai CementEGS3C401C014Building Materials
Six of October Development & Investment (SODIC)EGS65851C015Real Estate
Sky Light For Tourist Development CompanyEGS70Q61C011Travel & Leisure
Societe Arabe Internationale De Banque S.A.E.EGS60142C014Banks
South Cairo & Giza Mills & BakeriesEGS30411C010Food, Beverages and Tobacco
South Valley CementEGS3C351C011Building Materials
Speed MedicalEGS73BR1C013Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Sues Canal Company For Technology SettlingEGS740C1C010Education Services
Suez Canal Bank S.A.EEGS60231C015Banks
T M G HoldingEGS691S1C011Real Estate
Taaleem Management ServicesEGS597R1C017Education Services
Tanmiya for Real Estate InvestmentEGS21EB1C011Real Estate
Telecom EgyptEGS48031C016IT , Media & Communication Services
Tenth Of Ramadan Pharmaceutical Industries&Diagnostic-RamedaEGS381B1C015Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
The Arab Ceramic CO.- Ceramica RemasEGS3C151C015Building Materials
The Arab Dairy Products Co. Arab Dairy - PandaEGS30221C013Food, Beverages and Tobacco
The Egyptian Company for Construction Development-Lift SlabEGS23141C012Contracting & Construction Engineering
The Egyptian Modern Education SystemsEGS729F1C012Education Services
TransOceans ToursEGS79072C012Travel & Leisure
United Arab ShippingEGS47021C018Shipping & Transportation Services
United Housing & DevelopmentEGS65061C011Real Estate
Universal For Paper and Packaging Materials (UnipackEGS38161C013Paper & Packaging
Upper Egypt Flour MillsEGS30451C016Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Wadi Kom Ombo Land ReclamationEGS01071C017Contracting & Construction Engineering
Zahraa Maadi Investment & DevelopmentEGS21171C011Real Estate